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March 27, 2012

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As of this writing, I have greatly enjoyed the PSB Synchrony Twos in my home for eight months. The decision to purchase the Twos took quite a long time, after careful and repeated comparisons with similarly priced models from Vandersteen, Totem, Paradigm, and Magnepan. I primarily listen to all types of jazz and classical music and have found that the Twos are more than adequate for these varying demands. Their sound imparts a very real sense of authority and ease; they provide a coherent presentation of timbres across all registers. I am impressed with the Twos’ ability to provide this aural authority and ease with even the most complex and demanding musical textures. Imaging is wide and deep; placing the speakers out into the room will bring them even more alive. The Twos will respond to a good amplifier appropriately - pushing them a bit will result in your music just getting louder - without a change in coloration or balance. I found that I needed to experiment with the use of the port plugs supplied with the Twos to ease a slight exaggeration in the midbass register. I also plan to mount the speakers on heavy elevating platforms to improve their already impressive image focus. There are many very good speakers in this price range; comparing the models was quite a lot of fun. For my listening tastes and style - a digital front end with an Apple Mac Mini as a server, Peachtree Audio iDac, NAD C375BEE integrated amplifier, and AudioQuest cables throughout, I am thrilled with the enjoyment I experience every time I listen. If this speaker is in your price range or even if your budget is considerably more than their $3500 cost, I recommend it completely.

Douglas Gordon - Anniston, Alabama USA

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