User Review: SubSeries 300 Subwoofer - Very smooth, blends in well

April 2, 2012

Products: SubSeries 300 Subwoofer

First of all, I'm not a "bass head" -- I do like bass in music, but as a natural, realistic blending of the frequencies actually output by the performers, not where the bass steals the show. I listen primarily to blues, jazz, vocals and rock. When I was shopping for new subs, my main focus was on musicality, not so much being able to feel the whole house shake with every special effects explosion. I auditioned several competitors' "go real low" models , but I liked the Subseries 300 so much I got 2 of them for my wide living room. These mate well with the Synchrony 2 towers and center (crossed over at 50Hz and 70Hz respectively), and driven by an NAD T787. While maybe not flaunting the most stunning specs on paper, the 300s provide what I need/want from subs in that room -- allowing each speaker component to do what it does best, without sacrificing musicality. This was an excellent choice, glad I went this way.

Tom - Rochester NY USA

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