User Review: M4U 2 Headphones - finally somebody got it right!!

April 22, 2012

Products: M4U 2 Headphones

I've accumulated several "OK" headphones over the past few years, in a variety of sizes and for a variety of applications, but with each I had "settled", as there was something missing -- sound quality, comfort, convenience, flexibility, external noise, need external amp, et al. When I saw the M4U2 ads first appear, it caught my interest but I was skeptical based on past history. However, after reading some customer reviews and trying them out briefly at a stereo shop, and given my excellent experience with PSB products recently, I decided to give it a go with a wish & a prayer :). Good call! These cans have great sound, especially with the amp on, but still very good in all 3 modes. And they are efficient, so very usable directly with i-devices (lossless files recommended). While they are a bit bulky for travel compared to some others in this price range, the incredible sound and flexibility are well worth the effort to make room in my laptop backpack! They also sound great in my living room, whether streaming from Marantz NA7004 or with CDs via NAD T787 / C565BEE -- thus, this is the closest thing yet to a high quality all-in-one headphone, and I believe that I found what I was looking for all along. Cheers!

Tom - Rochester NY USA

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M4U 2 Headphones

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