User Review: Imagine mini - Using as Surrounds - Pros & Cons

April 22, 2012

Products: Imagine mini

My living room is an acoustical challenge -- wide but not deep, vaulted ceiling right to left, two wide openings in walls, etc. Bipolar surrounds don't work well, as sofa against back wall, so really need direct radiating speakers and wall mounting is highly preferred. That said, when I got my Synchrony Two front & center (excellent BTW) wasn't really sure what to do for surrounds. The Minis had just come out, and after waiting for some reviews, decided to give them a go, using the PWB1 mounts. At first, I was extremely disappointed with both the sound quality and the surround effects, seemed to be extremely thin and lifeless. Thinking (hoping) that they just needed some breaking in time, I streamed music through them for several days, and then voila, they opened up quite a bit. That was a relief, sound quality issue resolved. But the surround effect issue still remains to a point -- after a lot of tweaking with the mount (very subtle vertical & horizontal changes affect the sound significantly) I've found that if I'm in a sweet spot I'm OK, but there are definitely "dead spots". Makes sense to a point, as these speakers don't go very low (have them crossed over at 80Hz to PSB 300 Subs) so logically they're going to be more directional. My issue is more with the room than the speakers. These would be excellent for a small system/room, and definitely great for a small 2-channel application either with a sub or where deep lows not required. As surrounds for a "full meal deal" system, there are some limitations.

Tom - Rochester NY USA

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