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April 24, 2012

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Great headphones! I demoed them in the store for about 45 minutes and was very impressed with the sound. I didn't have an opportunity to test the noise cancelling but I can say that just putting these on knocks noise down significantly. Not only are they NOT open-air, you could probably use them in an industrial environment to meet OSHA standards. They really knock down the ambient sound without engaging the noise reduction circuitry.

Where these things really shine is in the sound. There were times that I forgot that I was listening to headphones. And there were times that I heard details that even really good 2 channel systems would struggle to reproduce cleanly. I spent most of my time listening to my tunes but I decided to get out of the box a bit. I put on some of my son's music (hip-hop and rap) and was also very impressed with the bass!

My son owned a pair of Studio Beats by Dr. Dre (I sold them yesterday). The Beats go pretty deep but the bass is muddled and boomy. The PSBs maybe gave up a tiny bit in extension but the sound was far, far better. The bass was much tighter and more musical. You see a lot of athletes and celebrities wearing Beats. If the word gets out about these there will be an AWFUL lot of those showing up on ebay and craigslist.

I'm listening to my own pair now and loving them! My old Grados are for sale and, while they served me well, I won't miss them.

Charles U - NC

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M4U 2 Headphones

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