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May 10, 2012

Products: Synchrony One

I have owned PSB speakers since 1978, when Paul Barton made them in Waterloo, Ont. In my opinion nothing compared to the accuracy and neutral sound of PSBs. I currently run three pairs in my house. The Synchrony series blew my mind. I was listening to the bookself speakers and refused to listen to the Ones, but I was convinced to give them a try. Well in 5 minutes I was entralled and 30 minutes later Ibought them. I then had to purchase electronics that would do them justice. So, a few NAD components later (M3, M4, M5) and I was on my way. the engineering is impecible BUT, the build in china was a mistake. I have had the the M#, M% replaced, one speaker repaired and now the other needs work. Paul, please do not let Lembrook sell you out.

John - Canada

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