User Review: Imagine T Tower - Love these! Now I need Amp. recommendations.

June 28, 2012

Products: Imagine T Tower

My wife and I were in the market for a new amp, the weak point in our system, when we came across the Imagine T's. We loved them and bought the discounted floor models right away. They have changed our lives. We sit close together evenings re-discovering the magic of our favorite music. But we still need to find a new amp (or separates) and we're looking for a DAC, too. We'd like to keep the total for these to about $3K. I'd love to hear from others who have experience with Imagine T's. We've home auditioned most of the reasonable candidates we have easy access to in North Seattle. So far, the NAD C-165/275 Separates with the Musical Fidelity M-1 DAC have sounded best to us. The NAD C-375 was close behind. We're waiting on a Naim Nait 5i and we'll test it with the Rega DAC next week. We listened to, but rejected the Rega Brio R (underpowered and soft on high-freq's), Linn DS-I (over-smooth, narrower sound-stage, low-end opacity), NAD C-390DD (hollow), Rotel RA-1520 (overcool), Parasound P3/A21-3 (boring) I'm also a newbie to higher-end cables. I don't want to spend too much on these, but would be happy to find the best match I can. When we were listening with the NAD separates, I could have still wished for a bit more grip and definition in the mid-bass. (We have a Velodyne VA 1210 100W powered sub that does a decent job crossed over at 50Hz.) I attribute this mostly to the dynamics of our small living room. Also, we plan to connect my Technics SL1200 MKII phonograph, so phono stage is a consideration. Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts.

Ken - Seattle

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