User Review: M4U 2 Headphones - Best sounding Cans from a DAP, and also a damn good monitors

September 25, 2012

Products: M4U 2 Headphones

I listened to nearly a Dozen pairs of on-ears, over-ear, circum and supra-aural headphones in the pro-sumer range; and eventually settled on the PSB M4U 2 which hands down sound the best driven from an um-amplified source such as a DAP (Digital Audio Player) or Laptop DAC. The internal/matched amp saves on shelling out and having to carry around a portable battery powered amp like a CMoy; like I have to do with my reference ATH-M50's - for on the go sound that comes close to home/amp driven Cans and sources. Compared to the closest rival the ATH-ANC9 this AMP only feature and the fact that they have a very flat and true passive (un-powered) mode that sounds fantastic has made them my daily drivers. The only complaint is the headband/weight which after only 2 weeks is already loose and starting to loose it's locking mechanism. The active noise cancelling is mediocre in comparison to the ATH-ANC9 or the Bose QC15's or Blackbox (Phitek) M14/16 but works well in environments where you would want it (In the server room, Flights) and the passive noise isolation is superior to all the above mentioned cans; and easily beats out the Beats Studio, Denon AH800 and ATH-ANC7b as Senn PXC-450's If you want a Reference monitor, Active Noise Canceller, and pre-amp all in one nothing comes close. Sound wise these are closest to a Bowers and Wilkins P5 with a bigger sound stage like that found in an open ears like the Sennheiser HD 595. I would like to see a redesigned headband, bluetooth controls and integrated (invisible) mic (like that on the MM-450/550) if only for Hands-free calling. Otherwise the best Can on the Market at the moment IMHO.

Joel Wirāmu - Pauling

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M4U 2 Headphones

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