User Review: Alpha B1 Bookshelf - How you do it, is beyond me!!!

November 22, 2012

Products: Alpha B1 Bookshelf

Dear Sirs, I 've been an audiophile for the past 18 years, and in all these years my audio system consisted of a pair of bookshelf speakers, an integrated amplifier and a cd player, my music is mostly classical and some jazz recordings. I've always preferred bookshelf speakers for two reasons a) I have a small to medium audio room, and b) their coherence, imaging, timing, and top to bottom sound unification is something that floorstanders rarely achieve. During these 18 years I've had the following speakers: Proac Tablette 50, Audio Physic Brilon, Monitor Audio GS 50, Dynaudio Focus 110, Proac Tablette Ref 8 Signatures, Dali Zensor 1, and Acoustic Energy Neo 1 v2, and various loaners for short periods of time. I have sold most of these speakers except the Proac Tablette Ref 8. I bought the PSBs Alpha B1 5 months ago to put them in my bedroom system for late night listening. My reaction when I first hooked them up was the same like the one when I first heard the Proacs Tablette 50s, absolute astonishment. Sweet and clean sound, and a glorious midband paired with excellent high frequency without any harshness that even loudspeakers 3 times more expensive can't match. I have moved the PSBs to my main system where my Proac Ref 8 reside and their musicality never seizes to amaze me, actually the bottom end of the PSBs is better than that of Proacs and the top frequency is sweeter and less aggressive (but a little less analytical). I have since moved my Proacs to my bedroom system and kept the PSBs in my main system. I don't care if they are inexpensive, and not in "accordance" (price wise) with the rest of my main system, they just make sweet sound that I adore. Now how you do it for this silly amount of money is beyond me, but let me just tell you one thing, I have seen/heard other loudspeakers that in their following version/iteration messed up their sound. So be EXTRA careful with thie Alpha B1, IT IS A GEM. Ari, Athens. Greece.

Ari Petropoulos - Athens, Greece

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