User Review: Image 6T - Love all my PSB speakers

December 22, 2012

Products: Image 6T

I’m not new to audio, being an audiophile hobbyist for more years than I care to admit to. A couple years ago I purchased a brand new 5.1 setup from another well known manufacturer for my main music/movie living room and to be honest never really absolutely loved them after having them in my home for awhile; especially for music. Visiting a friend of mine for a holiday dinner I was informed he was moving into a smaller home and wanted to downsize some of his equipment. Always loving the sound of his system I put a bug in his ear about selling me his speakers. I wound up selling my two year old speakers for his older PSB setup and have never once looked back or regretted my decision. I now have the PSB Image 6T towers, the C9 center, and the 10S surrounds with my Velodyne sub that I kept for kicking my movies a bit and absolutely love them. I’ve since heard the newer models and while they’re wonderful, I still love my Images. So much so that I recently found a Alpha Into 5.1 setup locally that I purchased and now have in my bedroom and the pair of 2Bs on 26” stands that also came with my friend’s setup in my “cave” for my 2 channel setup. I recently added a pair of Image 3LRs on 9 ½” stands to the cave and switch between them and the 2Bs depending on my musical choice and sonic preference. Friends coming over can’t believe the sonic clarity out of all of my systems and especially my “cave” setup I use strictly for music where I play my vinyl collection (yes, I still have vinyl!!). Paul, you make some great speakers! I only wish I had found your brand earlier. If and when I ever decide to upgrade, a PSB model line will be the first ones I’ll consider for audition.

Gary - Upstate NY

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