User Review: M4U 2 Headphones - Good sound quality, bad product quality

January 31, 2013

Products: M4U 2 Headphones

I have couple headphones ,ultrasone HFI 580, DENON ANC-732, audio techinca ANC7B, seenheiser PXC310 and this one. I also try couples before I bought this, like Monster inspiration, Herman Kardon CL, and of course Beats. The sound quality is good to my personal preference. The mid and bass are warm and bright, high's not too sharp. Their active mode make you feel like a headphone amp inside. It sound brighter and feel more space. I did not have a change to try the noise cancelling yet, but I think it probably better than DENON after make a simple compare in office.. I really like the headphone, it's rear to see and very comfortable with my big head, It's the best in my collection. Ultrasone HFI also offer quality sound but I can't wear it for more than an hour. This one I can wear whole day and doesn't feel bad. CONS. I think would be the head band. I bought a brand new from internet for cheaper price and just after 2 months usage, it has 3 cracks on the head band.Although most of the headphone headband were made and rely by plastic , but this one really bad. How can you accept a $300+ headphone with such crappy head band. With these crack, it probably break soon in some day. I checked with local vendor, they told me I need back to original store for replacement. The service was not good. If you don't have a big head, you can consider this one with quality sound. if not , you better pray and do not lend you friend who had a bigger head than you.

Yu-jen Wang - Madison, WI

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M4U 2 Headphones

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