User Review: Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker - Follow up to "Great little speakers..."

March 14, 2013

Products: Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker

After writing my review, I had need to use the speakers without the Audioengine D-1 DAC for a few days, that is, off the Z68 motherboard's Realtek chip. The speakers were very impressive, with lots of clarity, evenness of sound and seemingly tighter bass. Very much something I could live with, were a DAC not available. Then another D-1 showed up and this time, after several hours of breaking it in, the PSB-1s took on a whole new life in terms of dynamics, depth and tightness of bass, presence of sound, feeling of involvement with the music, etc. All of a sudden, these speakers became a keeper. Would I prefer more bass extension? Absolutely, but in the meantime there is much here to be enjoyed.

highstream - Bozeman

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