User Review: Image B4 Compact Bookshelf - Main speakers in a two-channel 2.2 system

June 22, 2013

Products: Image B4 Compact Bookshelf

I'm using these as main speakers in a two-channel 2.2 system paired up with two Hsu Research ULS-15 subwoofers. The B4's actually sit atop the subwoofers on 12" stands in order to bring them up to ear-level at the seated listening position. The sound is spectacular -- natural, extended and authoritative. The extreme top end is slightly rolled-off, but not so much as to lose detail. If anything, the slightly mellow tendency helps avoid listener fatigue in my opinion. More importantly, there are no exaggerated highs, mids or lows to unnaturally color the music, as is often the case with smaller speakers. The fit 'n' finish and build quality is second-to-none, and visually, they seem to disappear into the room's decor. For speakers that are more meant for surround sound than mains, paired up with a quality subwoofer (or two), the B4's can easily (and surprisingly) assume the role of main speakers in a compact, 1st class two-channel system.

William - USA

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Image B4 Compact Bookshelf

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