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January 3, 2014

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The sound stage is impeccable, their not heavy in bass. The sound is flat, however it sounds incredible because the clarity is insane, perfect surround sound, and very comfortable, also durable, very well made. A detachable cable that can connect to either cup, and an extra bonus, they come with extra ear pads. So far it looks like most of the important structural pieces are mostly made from metal.If your looking for sound quality and durability, these are great. A bit on the pricier side for $300. However they are def worth the cost, cheaper headphones just don't compare. The only complaint i have so far is the cord is a little loose going in the computer, but you can just buy a different one if u need to, it comes with a hard shell case that has a pouch in is and can hold everything. I just wish I had a .wav music player, with a built in amplifier for music cause you can definitely hear the difference. With headphones this good.wav files is by far the best way to go. Don't get me wrong mp3's sound incredible on them, .wav is just so much better. Its missing a heavy bass. However it replaces that with the incredible sound stage. Anyhow to sum it up, if you are willing to spend the money, and you want a good upgrade in headphones then it incredible.

Aidan - NY

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M4U 2 Headphones

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