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April 20, 2014

Products: Image T6 Tower, Image C5 Centre, Image S5 Surround

I own the complete set of Image speakers, the T6, the C5 and S5 surround. I power them with an Integra 40.5 receiver. This is the first serious set of speakers I have owned and I love them. I auditioned a number of different brands in the same price range before buying including Klipsch, Polk, B and W, etc... and I learned a couple things. First, my ears are much more discerning than I thought they would be and second the PSB far exceeded the competition. In my home they sound great. I thought I would be using them primarily for home theater, but I find that I sneak downstairs when the kids are in bed just to listen to my old CD's. I am searching out Chamber music collections just to enjoy the rich sound the speakers provide. I am waiting for the latest remastered release of the WALL with great anticipation. I am sure you can purchase better performance, but I am immensely satisfied with the set I have. While these are not what I would call inexpensive, their performance exceeds their price point, especially if you get them on sale as I did. My experience is in agreement with the reviews I have read on the web. These are a GREAT option for people who want really hi fidelity performance , but have to consider the dollar signs. These are probably the last set of speakers I will buy(for That room in our house;-) I am a VERY happy customer.

joseph Deitzel - Maryland USA

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