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April 21, 2014

Products: SubSeries 100 Subwoofer

I purchased this product based on this company's prior products and reputation as there were not many detailed reviews of this sub. I was searching for a sub to add to my computer system and it came down to price and size. I am using this sub with audioengines A2+ which are connected to my mac mini via usb. Im running a pair of audioquest interconnects from the audioengines outputs to the subs inputs. The crossever on the sub is set at about 80Hz. I initially had it ion my desktop, but to me it sounds better on the lower shelf of my desk. Once I started listening, all I can say is Wow. It adds a very solid foundation and makes my system complete. Play Bella Flecks Flight of the Cosmic Hippo and you'll understand the capability, sound quality and output of this sub. The build quality and finish is excellant. I can sit for hours listening to music at my desk when I am too tired to fire up my home audio system. The only quirk I noticed is that I have to set the level on the sub at 3/4 volume. Im not sure if its the outputs from my speakers, the inputs on the sub or the interconnects I'm using. This does not take away anything from this product or my setup though. 5 out of 5. No cons for what this unit is expecially for the price.

Ob47 - Hawaii

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SubSeries 100 Subwoofer

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