User Review: Image 6T - Buy them if they are under $500

July 14, 2014

Products: Image 6T

I am a professional guitar player, mixing board setup nerd and pioneer in internet broadcasting. I finally upgraded the home A/V toy from a Pioneer non HDMI reciever to the Yamaha VX675 (7.2 6 hdmi, airplay, ipad app for control, etc etc) It is such a nice match for these speakers which used to list for $1100 bucks and I made a nice deal on craigslist and picked up a pair missing the legs for $350. ( I know I feel like I stole them but it was his asking price and I didn't have the heart to negotiate it lower ) I paired them up with 4 sets of Silverback 12ga audiophile banana plug wires and set them up for Bi-Amp/Bi-Wiring playing .flac files primarily Ive noticed stepping up to a speaker this high in quality reveals poorly mixed CDs DVDs and broadcasts. When you are testing for yourself try and download or use the highest quality source files. Ditch MP3 or CD and try for Blu-ray, dvd-audio, .flac file or raw .wav . if you must use mp3 get the highest bitrate possible 320kbps rips. I cannot stress this strongly enough if you always wanted audiophile quality and are on a budget you cannot do any better, just buy them and thank PSB for making such an outstanding product.

Ricky Duff - Seattle

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