User Review: M4U 1 Headphones - Dead On Accurate!

September 23, 2014

Products: M4U 1 Headphones

As a musician, recording and mastering engineer, for over 45 years, I can say without a doubt there is nothing to fault with the sound quality of the M4U 1. I could master with these and feel confident I got it right. Mastering requires very good and well trained ears, where concentration is split, to zone in on different details in the music. Built quality is great. Comfort remains to be seen, for my ear size, which are adult size. The M4U's are more of an over / on ear headphone, They are more suited to a child sized ear. Having said that the comfort is not horrible. within the first few minute I found my self fussing a bit with the fit but, after longer use, maybe because my head warmed them up, they seemed to ease out a bit. I would give them 3 stars for comfort. After half and hour of listening my head, around my ears, is quite warm. The sound isolation nearly puts them in a noise canceling category. I personally like the look of these headphones as well. My final thoughts? For future generations of M4U products, work on the fit and comfort factor. (It seems to be the main complaint in reviews I've read on these headphones everywhere. Comfort is the only area Bose has PSB beat.

Bill Schultz - Billings, Montana

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