User Review: Imagine X2T Tower - Love these towers!

October 28, 2014

Products: Imagine X2T Tower

Now I am not much of an audiophile (thankfully?) but I do know what my ears like and it's these speakers. After months of research wading through countless towers I kept circling back to PSB. Given that I live in a solid concrete highrise I felt I didnt need a window shattering set-up even though it seems quite apparent that the X2T could easily be used to do so. I have a very modest set up without all the ridiculous "snake oil" charms. Powering my X2T's is a Sony AS-500 running to "Bluejean" Canare 4S11 (highly recommend) cable for bi-wire. A well as a very nice SVS SB2000 subwoofer. Sure, the fancy polished veneer isnt available but it isnt rocket science to do it yourself if one really feels compelled to spice them up a bit. In fact I plan to veneer mine. Aesthetics aside, for myself sound comes first and IMO the X2T are a very very well balanced and clean sounding set of towers. They impeccably handle everything I throw at them, with a beautifully full soundstage through and through. I am mainly a classical listener and Im not ashamed to say the X2T's have at times made my eyes 'well up'....just a bit. Did I need the sub? Probably not as I keep checking to see if my sub is turned on. What more can I say without sounding like a pompous connoisseur? IMO speakers and sound are like fine wine as every palette differs. My ears and brain love these speakers and before you purchase anything I highly recommend you give them serious consideration and make all efforts to give them a listen and see what your ears will tell you. Even at a higher price point, I wouldnt hesitate to buy the X2T again. Nicely done PSB. 5/5

B Rubble - Edmonton AB

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