User Review: Imagine T3 Tower - Mind blowing performance, remarkable value!

March 28, 2015

Products: Imagine T3 Tower

I just heard these at Audio Doctor in Jersey City, We compared the T3 to many other brands of speakers, that they sell, as well as to the less expensive PSB T2. All I can say is that the T3 does many things right and can easily challenge speakers that cost over $10k and above! The bass is remarkable, tight, deep, punchy,and boy does the bass go low, tight and tuneful, the midrange is super natural and beautifully accurate and totally integrated. The T3 also throws a massive sound stage. The new tweeter is both smoother and has more detail than the T2 I have been shopping for new speakers for the last 2 months and I have visited all the big New York City stores and most of the better NJ stores and I have listened to the latest B&W 802, the Totem Element series, Dynaudio, Wilson Sophia, plus the Spendors, Harbeths, Vandersteens, plus a few others, and the T3 outperforms most of these speakers in certain areas, and in totality provides some of the most balanced sound out of any of these brands, and can easily be considered the highest performing loudspeaker in its class. At Audio Doctor, we got some pretty amazing sound with the incredible 400 watt Coda CSiB, integrated amp, I am still shopping but now the T3 is the top of my list, If you are looking at speakers from $5k to $20k you should listen to the T3, yes they are that good!

Paul - Hoboken

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