User Review: M4U 1 Headphones - Personal experience

April 4, 2015

Products: M4U 1 Headphones

I read quite a good amount of reviews about these and most of them were positives. I saw them at a really good price and decided to add it to my collection of headphones. I bought it at 10:00 AM and couldn't take it off until 10:00 PM ! At first I was afraid because many said the comfort wasn't really good which I totally disagree. The sound quality is just awesome I must say. I got a lot of good headphones at home (Hifiman HE-400i, Senn HD600, Focal Spirit Pro, etc) and I think my new PSB will have a good amount of playtime during the next few weeks ! The clarity and the details are just perfect for my taste. The soundstage is quite accurate and you really "feel" the music. To make it short I just LOVE it. If you are still thinking just don't and get one of these. You will not regret it.

Maxime Demers - Canada

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