User Review: Imagine X2T Tower - Excellent speakers, excellent value

November 27, 2015

Products: Imagine X2T Tower

I chose these over the more expensive B&W 683. The bass is a lot clearer. The 683 mushed the bass frequencies IMO. On digital sources there is strong bass from the X2T (perhaps a little too strong for some people) but they are voiced very nicely for vinyl. Again, the clarity in the bass end appeals to me. These seem pretty close to full-range speakers. I do use a subwoofer but only to go a little bit deeper rather than to boost the bass. Some people won't need a subwoofer with these speakers. They are an honest speaker - you can hear why crappy recordings sound crappy - which is one of the attributes I was looking for. I use these for audio mastering so honesty is important. So far my masters translate very well to other systems - equally important. They have excellent transient response and go well with the Marantz PM5005 amplifier and I can clearly hear that the Marantz is "faster" than the consumer Sony and Panasonic receivers that I own. The appearance is no-frills but because my ears don't see too good I'm happy that no money was wasted on fancy finishes. Highly recommended.

Mike - Ottawa

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