User Review: Imagine T2 Tower, Imagine T3 Tower - T3's are in a class of there own..... almost speechless ....blown away!!!

March 2, 2016

Products: Imagine T2 Tower, Imagine T3 Tower

I finally got to sit down and compare the T3's to there loer models the T2's .... and wow so impressed . the T2's are sonically incredible . they only lack the high power handling and in the midbass area they don't handle the high power 100%.... then you hook up a set of T3's... and are blown away that they do what the T2's don't and more... it was like I was listening to music live in front of me. the speakers produce an amazing wide sound stage , deep immersive sound that sounds so sweet to the ears it brought tears to my eyes . I listened for hours and hours ,,, cant get enough of these things . with a pair of 500 watt mono blocks they are in heaven . they have a lot more impact and output over the T2's its almost like the sensitivity is way more efficient over the 2's . the bass on these go extremely low I could of swarn my subwoofer was playing . and with the center imaging I thought a center channel was on at all times . they really do produce the music like nothing I heard before . I highly recommend going into a store who caries them and have a listen . you wont regret it . the cabinets are an amazing finish too!! like looking at a piece of art .its the best purchase I have ever made on speakers .... slowly but surely it will psb imagines all around and there custom sound in walls and in ceilings for the back surrounds and the over top atmos speakers! cant wait to be engulfed in 3 dimensional sound! great job Paul! these are a work of art!

Chris - Oshawa

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