Transcript for the video about Imagine XA speakers

Scenery: Pixels appear on the screen, followed by the logo for PSB Speakers.

Scenery: A graphic then appears that reads: Imagine XA, Dolby Atmos® Enabled Speakers. This graphic changes again to read: Paul Barton, Founder and Chief Designer of PSB Speakers.

Barton: Well I’m here today to talk about a new product category in loudspeakers, which is based on a new multi-channel format which Dolby has produced called Dolby Atmos.

Scenery: Paul Barton sits in a room with speakers behind him. The Dolby Atmos logo appears on screen to the left of Barton.

Barton: What Dolby Atmos does is that it adds another speaker dimension, or another dimension to the sound, and the sound now emulates from above.

Scenery: Graphic of a home theatre system setup appears on screen. The speakers Barton is speaking about turn teal.

Barton: So in addition to the multi-channel sound around you, you also have sound coming from above. Dolby has developed a specification in order for a speaker to be developed, that allows the speaker to be placed on the left and right front speakers, or the left and right rears. And/or, you could have four or just two.

Scenery: As Barton continues to speak the graphic on screen changes to demonstrate how the Dolby Atmos technology works. Teal sound beams hit the ceiling then reflect down.

Barton: And what that does is it reflects sound off the ceiling, and that way you don’t have to install these speakers in the ceiling.

Scenery: Graphic of a person sitting in front of a speaker experiencing Dolby Atmos.

Scenery: Image of the Imagine XA Dolby Atmos Enabled speaker appears on screen.

Barton: We have developed a product called the Imagine XA, which is based on the Dolby Enabled loudspeaker. Not only does it have sound reflecting off the ceiling, but the characteristic of the sound, or the tone of the sound is modified so that it does make us feel as though the sound, when it is reflected, is in fact coming from above.

Scenery: Barton sitting in the same room as before.

Scenery: Fade to graphic of PSB logo. PSB Speakers has social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

End of document.

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