Passif 50

Vintage Inspired
Standmount Speaker

Introducing the Passif 50.
Reimagining the past.

The Passif 50 Standmount Loudspeaker evokes the storied history of PSB Speakers and harkens back to a legendary design. In 1974, PSB Founder and Chief Designer Paul Barton released the Passif II, one of the first speakers to sonically demonstrate the scientific principles and philosophies behind PSB’s ‘True to Nature’ sound signature which encompassed tonal accuracy, spatial realism and freedom from distortion.

Paying tribute to the Passif II, the Passif 50 enhances and optimizes the classic standmount design, incorporating the most current PSB componentry and technology trickled down from PSB’s flagship models. The result is a speaker that alludes to a nostalgic 70’s look but achieves a level of performance well beyond the capabilities of its ancestors. Featuring innovative technology and gorgeous retro design, the Passif 50 honours the past, embraces the future, and delivers the finest, ‘True to Nature’ sound of PSB.

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Behind the Design

Original PSB Logo

The pull tab on the front grille of the Passif 50 sports the retro PSB logo. It was in a grade eleven high school geography class where Paul Barton designed this logo using Lestraset, the same class where he met his wife and highschool sweetheart, Sue – the woman behind the ‘S’ in ‘PSB’.

Passif50 life style

A Heritage of Sound

With open-grained walnut veneer enclosures, magnetically attached woven cloth grilles, and dedicated floorstands, the Passif 50 features a retro aesthetic while being constructed with modern materials. A rear-panel plaque adorned by a maple leaf on the back carries an inscription that reads, “Passif 50 – 1972-2022.”

Passif50 new and old side-by-side

Modern Technology Meets a Vintage Design

The Passif 50 design mirrors its Passif II forefather in aesthetics while incorporating the most current flagship level componentry backed up by 50 years of acoustic research and refinement. The result is a speaker that evokes a sense of nostalgia while delivering an outstanding performance.