Alpha PS1 Praised in Home Theater Review

Editor Darryl Wilkinson of Home Theater Review has reviewed the Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker, and was floored with its amazing acoustic performance, considering its compact size and even-smaller price tag. From its ability to bring out the best in detailed recordings, down to its beautiful high-gloss finish, these two-way, rear-ported powered speakers will make you change how you think about listening to music on a computer. At least for Darryl Wilkinson of Home Theater Review it did.

“The PS1s were utterly dazzling and temptingly addictive when it came to playing a more ‘refined’ recording, such as a Michael Hedges guitar solo.”

“The speakers were delightfully nuanced and detailed in the vocals and upper-frequency regions.”

“Under normal circumstances, the desktop around my computer is blissfully silent. The PSB Alpha PS1 powered speaker, however, has dramatically changed that.”

“The performance of the PSB Alpha PS1 speaker system was absolutely amazing, especially considering its small size and the fact that the pair costs less than $300.”

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