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The Legacy Continues

Originally designed and manufactured in a small Canadian town, the first Alpha Series began with the simple idea of creating affordable speakers that were focused purely on performance. Decades later, PSB Speakers is returning to its roots with an all-new Alpha Series. Featuring the latest in cutting-edge speaker technologies, the new Alpha Series looks to take long-time PSB listeners back to when they first fell in love with music, while introducing a new generation to the world of affordable hi-fi.

A Star is Born

Released at the beginning of 1991, PSB’s Alpha Series quickly became world renowned after writer Jack English published a glowing review of the speakers in Stereophile. In the review, English called the Alpha Series “one of the greatest buys in audio, providing musically satisfying sound.” Word of mouth spread fast as more and more rave reviews continued to roll in, and before long PSB Speakers found itself firmly cemented in the speaker design industry as a respected advocate for natural sounding, affordable speakers.

True To Nature Sound

Before the debut of his first Alpha Series speakers, PSB’s founder, Paul Barton, journeyed to the National Research Council in Ottawa, Canada, where he participated in a famed psychoacoustic research project known as the “Athena Project.” The findings of that research became the underpinnings of PSB’s approach to speaker design: natural sounding speakers is more than perfect reproduction of a sound wave – it also requires an intimate understanding of how sounds are received and interpreted by our brains. The original Alpha Series emerged from this and subsequent acoustics research, and two decades later the new Alpha Series remains true to the original philosophy while benefitting from today’s most advanced speaker technologies. Perfectly tuned inside the NRC’s anechoic chamber, each speaker contains custom woofers, tweeters, ports, and other precision-made components, resulting in a truly accurate and life-like performance.

Exceptional Crossover Design

The redesigned Alpha Series features a new crossover that delivers the tightest control and the flattest frequency response. Developed for more than directing low and high frequencies to the individual drivers, the crossover used in the Alpha Series effortlessly lowers distortion while creating a large, detailed soundstage for the best listening experience possible.

Built with Precision

Outfitted with a unique combination of wall thickness and bracing, the Alpha Series easily controls resonances while its internal damping material has been precisely positioned for optimal effectiveness. Meanwhile, the meticulously crafted cabinet design and fit allows the speakers to come together without screws and minimal adhesives. Finished with elegant simulated woodgrains, the Alpha Series has been perfectly designed to disappear into any home décor.

A New Chapter Begins

Following their original launch, the Alpha Series turned PSB Speakers into a household name, with customers coming to rely on PSB for its natural sounding speakers at a great price. Although updated with new technologies and a modern look, the new Alpha Series upholds the standards set by its original incarnation, allowing listeners to appreciate their music more than ever before.

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