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Audiostream Reviews Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker

The first Alpha PS1 review has arrived from Audiostream editor Michael Lavorgna, and to say the least, these “positively delightful desktop speakers” continue to impress listeners since being showcased at the top high-end audio shows this year.

A two-way powered loudspeaker with a metalized polypropylene cone woofer and aluminium dome tweeter, the Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker has a small desktop footprint with its beautiful high gloss finish and compact dimensions, yet delivers “clean, clear, and crisp” audio that makes them standout in any setting as vividly described in Audiostream’s brilliant review.

“You get the sense that you are getting just what your recording has to give. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“I found the PS1s to be eminently musical and involving to listen to for any kind of music I cared to throw at them no matter how large-scale or complex.”

“The PS1s can also play plenty loud (think really loud) for a desktop speaker, louder than anyone should listen, and they deliver gobs of dynamic slam that belies their size.”

“They throw out a huge and stable sound image both horizontally and vertically so that my minor movements around my desktop do not disturb the music’s solid presentation.”

“They are capable of delivering a musically satisfying sound even when using your computer’s less-than-stellar analog output, an iPad or iPhone and they only get better when you feed them with a better signal.”

For Audiostream’s full Alpha PS1 review, click here.

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