Three Tips to Get the Best Sound for Watching Sports on TV

The big game is just days away, and it’s the prime time to prepare your home theatre. There are simple ways you can optimize your sound system so those touchdowns, referee calls and crowd roars will sound as big and lifelike as possible. Here are some audio tips & tricks you can use to significantly upgrade your sports viewing experience to have stadium-like sound that immerses you into the live action.

The Making of the Passif 50

The highly anticipated Passif 50 Loudspeaker is an anniversary-edition design released in celebration of PSB Speakers’ 50-year milestone. In continuation of the PSB legacy, the launch of this standmount loudspeaker bridges the gap between one of PSB’s most iconic designs from 1974 and today’s advanced speaker technologies.

How to Setup a Home Theatre System

Setting up new home theatre speakers to get the best room acoustics can seem like a daunting task. Speaker placement is one of the most important elements of acoustic performance and when done correctly, will best represent what your speakers are capable of. With a few simple tricks of the trade and some room observations, you can get it right.

Four Reasons Why You Should Own Powered Speakers

Building an audio system that delivers premium sound with minimal stereo components can be challenging. Many hi-fi enthusiasts will attest to owning separate pieces of equipment that all integrate and work as one to provide the perfect sonic signature. However, those looking for space-saving systems that won’t sacrifice sound quality or overrun their home with… Continue reading Four Reasons Why You Should Own Powered Speakers

The Music of Stranger Things

Since its release on July 15, Netflix’s latest original series Stranger Things has bewitched the masses thanks to its incredible storytelling and sense of nostalgia. Set in the 1980s, Stranger Things takes place in a small town that appears to be invaded by supernatural forces.