Five-Star PS1s Awarded Home Theater Top Pick

Sound expert Mark Fleischmann at Home Theater magazine listens to his first high definitiion music experience with the all-new Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker, and tops off his comprehensive ‘Hands on’ review with five-stars to pay homage to the PS1’s high performance. Quickly proving itself to experts as a multi-purpose speaker for anything from desktop music to larger in-room listening, the Alpha PS1s provide a well-proportioned balance of frequencies and enough acoustic detail to let listeners hear the difference in resolution of each track, according to Home Theater editor Mark Fleischmann.

“In the Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony (a 24-bit/174-kilohertz FLAC file), I felt as if I were in the front row of the concert hall, with brash brass and cymbals.”

“Aside from the predictable bass rolloff—inevitable in a speaker of this size—the Alpha PS1 offered a well-proportioned balance of frequencies with more top-end air than you’d expect and generous (but not excessive) detail in the presence region.”

“While the system provided its best imaging in an equilateral-triangle desktop listening position, it maintained excellent off-axis response at a greater distance.”

“The Alpha PS1 proved its mettle as a both a desktop system and a general in-room system for background music. With a sub added, it would give lower-powered component systems a run for their money.”

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