Home Theater Review Recommends PSB M4U 8 in Latest Review

PSB M4U8 wireless headphones resting on drift wood

“The PSB M4U 8s are some of the best-sounding noise-canceling headphones you can buy,” says writer Brent Butterworth in his review for SoundStage! Solo. Arriving six years after the debut of PSB Speakers’ renowned M4U 2 headphones, the M4U 8 are the first wireless noise-cancelling headphone from PSB. Featuring Qualcomm aptX HD to deliver 24-bit audio via Bluetooth, on-ear controls that let you play music and take calls with the clarity of cVcÔ noise cancellation technology, the PSB M4U 8 also includes PSB’s innovative RoomFeel™ sound signature.

While listening to “Hurricane” off of Yukari’s 2017 album Synchronic, Butterworth found that “this recording, through the M4U 8s, delivered the kind of experience you buy good headphones for.” Switching to “Houses in Motion” by the Talking Heads, Butterworth says that the track “also revealed the M4U 8s’ spaciousness,” and that he could precisely distinguish where each instrument was placed.

Ending with “66” by Lil Yachty, which Butterworth says the M4U 8s made “more sizzly,” Butterworth concludes his review by calling the M4U 8 “one of the best choices in their category.”

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