How to Configure On-Wall Speakers with your TV

Creating the ultimate viewing experience for sports, movies and entertainment requires more than just a big TV. To be fully immersed in the action, you need to have high-quality sound to live up to your visuals – sound that accurately reproduces the roar of the crowd, cars flying past, every footstep and sound effect. For a premium home theatre speaker option, PSB’s PWM on-wall speakers can be mounted either vertically or horizontally with the flexibility to be interchanged as center, side, or rear channels. By wall mounting your speakers, you can also free up space in your home theatre or living room.

Below, we’ll go over four different combinations of speaker arrangements that will give you world-class sound for any kind of entertainment.

1. Left and Right Speakers: For a more immersive sound experience, adding a left and right channel to either side of the screen is the logical start. These speakers will give you a realistic stereo soundstage and allow you to hear the action from different angles. This setup is perfect for sports fans or movie lovers who want a simple upgrade, and a huge improvement over listening to poorly built-in TV audio.

2. Center Channel: If you have existing PWM speakers as your left and right channels, completing the setup with a center channel mounted under the TV will widen your soundstage so you can pinpoint sounds in front of you with better accuracy. Since most of the onstage excitement would happen in front and not behind you for events like live concerts, a center channel would allow you to better hear and locate something like a guitar player or a lead vocalist taking center stage.

3. Rear Surrounds: To take your immersive experience to the next level, you can add two rear channels to create the full atmosphere. This setup will not only give you a more compelling surround sound experience, but also allow for sound localization behind you and around you for a 360° ambience when watching things like sports games, car races and action movies.

4. Add a Sub: If you’re all about the bass, adding a subwoofer is a surefire way to hear the rumble of the race car engine, bass drums in the marching band or roar of the stadium. Depending on the response of your room you may have to make placement adjustments to find the best sounding spot for your low-end machine.

No matter which combination of on-wall speakers you choose, it’s important to remember that positioning and spacing is key to getting the best sound. Position the speakers at ear level, or space them out to add more depth to the sound field. It may take a bit of experimenting to find the sweet spot for your listening area. For sizing options, our PWM 3s are ideal for 75-85 inch widescreens while our PWM 2s work well with the 55 inch range. Match your gloss black TV with our matte black finish option, or alternately go for matte white to suit your décor and aesthetic preferences. With the right setup, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the sound and sight of your entertainment and feel like you’re situated in the center of the action.

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