SubSeries 5i Subwoofer

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For those not looking to break the bank, the compact 5i delivers great bass reinforcement for smaller-medium rooms. Here again, we have carefully chosen one of our 10-inch woofers and matched it well with a dynamic 225-watt internal amplifier. The result is an extremely tight bass that delivers the punch that high performance home theater demand. The back panel features connections and control to allow for integration into any of today’s modern home theater systems.

About Subwoofer

All speakers play an important role in your home theatre system but the performance of your subwoofer can greatly affect the overall performance of your system. Think of a subwoofer as a vital component to your system, adding excitement to your music or theatre experience and understanding that not all Subwoofer are created equal. With our audiophile heritage here at PSB Speakers, our engineers place a particular emphasis on the overall musicality of our Subwoofer. Distinct attention is given to their ability to seamlessly match our high quality speakers under the most demanding music and film score passages. Equally important is the subwoofer’s ability to sustain powerful lower frequencies for extended periods of time. PSBSpeakersoffers a full range of Subwoofer to meet the needs of our discerning customers.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
  1. Low huming sound from sub
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    Sound Quality
    Good base it's tight and everything but there is a little humming sound audible coming from the subwoofer if you turn everything down you hear a hum not too good

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Data Sheet - Dutch Specifications

SubSeries 5i Dutch Specifications (PDF) (871.83 kB)

Data Sheet - English Specifications

SubSeries 5i English Specifications (PDF) (847.37 kB)

Data Sheet - French Specifications

SubSeries 5i French Specifications (PDF) (853.73 kB)

Data Sheet - German Specifications

SubSeries 5i German Specifications (PDF) (869.44 kB)

Data Sheet - Italian Specifications

SubSeries 5i Italian Specifications (PDF) (872.88 kB)

Data Sheet - Portuguese Specifications

SubSeries 5i Portuguese Specifications (PDF) (864.89 kB)

Data Sheet - Russian Specifications

SubSeries 5i Russian Specifications (PDF) (219.66 kB)

Data Sheet - Spanish Specifications

SubSeries 5i Spanish Specifications (PDF) (863.86 kB)

Data Sheet - Swedish Specifications

SubSeries 5i Swedish Specifications (PDF) (870.75 kB)