Synchrony Two

The Synchrony Two Tower Speakeris a full-range reproducer capable of delivering the most technically refined and demanding music and film recordings available with unexcelled realism and tonal, spatial, and dynamic accuracy. The Synchrony Two is similar in its overall design to the Synchrony One Tower Loudspeaker however its narrower, smaller footprint is ideal for more intimate settings, with performance very nearly matching the Synchrony One.

“Actually you don’t just begin playing the Synchrony Two in the conventional sense. More accurately you ignite it! – the starter’s flag flies and it roars towards the first turn and it doesn’t look back.” Neil Gader,The Absolute Sound, December 2007

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Data Sheets - Dutch

Synchrony Two Dutch Specifications (PDF) (276.01 kB)

Data Sheets - English

Synchrony Two English Specifications (PDF) (114.45 kB)

Data Sheets - French

Synchrony Two French Specifications (PDF) (253.04 kB)

Data Sheets - German

Synchrony Two German Specifications (PDF) (273.91 kB)

Data Sheets - Italian

Synchrony Two Italian Specifications (PDF) (272.29 kB)

Data Sheets - Portuguese

Synchrony Two Portuguese Specifications (PDF) (255.31 kB)

Data Sheets - Russian

Synchrony Two Russian Specifications (PDF) (1.78 MB)

Data Sheets - Spanish

Synchrony Two Specifications (PDF) (268.13 kB)

Data Sheets - Swedish

Synchrony Two Swedish Specifications (PDF) (275.58 kB)

Manual - English

Synchrony Two English Manual (PDF) (2.18 MB)

Manual - French

Synchrony Two French Manual (PDF) (2.92 MB)

Manual - German

Synchrony Two German Manual (PDF) (2.60 MB)

Manual - Spanish

Synchrony Two Spanish Manual (PDF) (5.67 MB)