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M4U 2 Review from Secrets of Home Theater

Recent winner of Stuff’s five-star ‘Hot Buy’ award, and named one of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision’s Top 50 Headphones, the M4U 2s have gone “head-on” with today’s ever-popular headphone market, gaining impressive reviews for their solid build quality and award-winning acoustics.

Now Stephen Hornbrook, editor of Secrets of Home Theater and High-Fidelity, uncovers PSB’s well-rounded M4U 2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones in his latest comprehensive review, where he flat out calls them a “clear winner” for veteran headphone users.

“One of the nifty features of the M4U 2 are the inputs on both the left and right side, allowing you to choose which side of your body you want the cable to run along.”

“The headband is smooth and well padded, and never created any discomfort for me.”

“It is a headphone I would have no problem recommending to a wide demographic, from a friend with no experience in the hi-fi world, to one with risers for their speaker cables.”

“The PSB’s had no problems delivering a smooth sound with enough low-end to hold the music up, but never so much that it covers up possible flaws in the mid to upper range.”

“Good looks and great sound along with the ability to run in active noise-cancelling mode make the M4U 2 a clear winner.”


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