M4U 2 Reviewed as Perfect Travelling Headphones
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PSB M4U2 Active Noise Cancelling headphones

One of Canada’s largest lifestyle and technology magazines, Here’s How!, enlists PSB’s M4U 2 Active Noise Cancelling headphones amongst their top four favourite “noise-cancellation headphones that are perfect for travel” in their wonderful four-page spread and review. From homebody-listening to those quick-paced listeners on the move, editor Gordon Brockhouse has placed these hi-fi headphones on top of all audiophiles’ lists as one “damn good headphone, period.”

“Padded earcushions and a padded headband distribute the weight very well, and the grip isn’t too tight.”

“…active mode definitely makes the sound more dynamic; the sudden attack of a snare drum or piano cord has loads of drama.”

“Audiophiles should put the PSB M4U 2 at the top of their list. Especially in active or noise-cancellation mode, its’s a wonderfully involving headphone. On the go or at home, you can just get lost in the music these ‘phones on your head.”

“Sonically, it ranks at the top of this survey; and it’s surprisingly comfortable given the weight.”

“The bottom line: the M4U is a true audiophile headphone, but with features that make it great for on-the-go listening.”


To read more from Here’s How! on today’s best noise-cancellation headphones for travel, look for their latest volume and edition on local newsstands, featuring PSB M4U 2 headphones on the cover! 

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