M4U 2 Wins Three-Way Headphone Shootout in Sydney Morning Herald
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Noise cancelling headphones - on a Airplane

 Recently, The Sydney Morning Herald pulled the curtain open on today’s premium headphone market and matched three of today’s most popular over-the-ear models, including PSB’s M4U 2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, up against each other for a three-way headphone shootout and name PSB’s M4U 2s the best over-ear headphone for today’s commuter on the move. 

“The sound is excellent: crisp, ultra-fast and finely detailed across the entire audible range without over- or under-emphasis, which means exceptional accuracy.”

“The superb packaging includes a full range of cords, an adaptor for in-flight entertainment systems, another for 6.35mm apertures and two AAA batteries.”

“The 1.5-metre cord can be inserted in either left or right side. Great idea.”

“For commuters, the PSBs win this in a canter. Great sound, brilliant responsiveness, high comfort and noise cancelling to boot — a fantastic package for the money.”


For the full, three-way headphone shootout from The Sydney Morning Herald, click here.

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