M4U 2s Named Top Headphone in 2013 Headphone Collectable
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The Hong Kong audio-video and mobile phone magazines, AV Bi-Weekly and Mobile Magazine, team up and hit newsstands with their 2013 Headphone Collectable. This special edition headphone report highlights the world’s best headphones from over-ear to in-ear and features PSB’s first generation of headphones, the M4U 2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The design and performance of the M4U 2s was received exceptionally well, so let’s hear what the editors of AV Bi-Weekly and Mobile magazine had to say:

“As for the sound quality, the M4U 2 can express the full effect of the music. The head phone delivers rich piano and strong drum sounds which are full of live experiences. It also has perfect performance at low frequency. When tested under ANC mode, it delivers cleaner timbre and more canorous piano as if performing in a small room.”


To read more from the 2013 Headphone Collectable, check local newsstands in Hong Kong.

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