• Alpha AM5 Powered Bookshelf Speakers


      Rich, powerful stereo sound for vinyl, music streaming, and more. The Alpha AM5 is a powered two-speaker stereo system that…

    • Alpha AM3 Compact Powered Speakers


      Get more out of your audio with legendary PSB sound. The AM3 is a compact home music system that connects…

    • PWM2 On-Wall Speaker


      Ultra-slim, single-channel flat-panel speaker The PWM2 achieves a level of tonal balance and detail which sets a new standard for…

    • PWM1 On-Wall Speaker


      Ultra-slim, single-channel flat-panel speaker The PWM1 offers an outstanding performance for its modest size. It can reproduce the most demanding…

    • PWM3 On-Wall Speaker


      Coming soon online For immediate ordering, contact a dealer.   Ultra-slim, single-channel flat-panel speaker As the flagship, the PWM3 embodies…

    • CSIW SUB10 In-wall Subwoofer


      PSB CSIW SUB10 Our CSIW SUB10 is an exciting, new construction subwoofer that leverages PSB’s decades of experience for the…

    • CSIR SUB In-Room Subwoofer


      CustomSound™ CSIR SUB In-Room Subwoofer – COMING SOON This In-Room Subwoofer offers several elegant and highly versatile solutions. Measuring a…

    • Alpha S8 – 8″ Subwoofer


      Huge Bass. Compact Price PSB redefined high performance and high value with their legendary Alpha Series speakers and the new…

    • Alpha S10 – 10″ Subwoofer


      Big Time Bass That Won’t Break the Bank PSB redefined high performance and high value with their legendary Alpha Series…

    • CS 500W – Digital Subwoofer Amplifier


      500-Watt Digital Subwoofer Amplifier This premium 500-watt digital subwoofer amplifier delivers ample power for up to two PSB passive subwoofers.…

    • CSIW SUB28 – Dual 8″ In-Wall Subwoofer


      Dual 8″ in-Wall Subwoofer The CSIW SUB28 is a premium in wall sealed cabinet subwoofer with dual 8” high performance…

    • CS AIC 860 – 6″ Angled In-Ceiling Speaker


      Premium 2-Way Angled In-Ceiling Speaker The CS AIC 860 is not just another in-ceiling speaker. Rather it is an angled…

    • W-LCR – In-Wall Speaker


      Enclosed Two-Way In-Wall LCR Speaker PSB combines the performance of a Premium two-way tower speaker with the invisibility of an…

    • SubSeries 250 – 10″ Subwoofer


      Feel every sound come roaring to life. The SubSeries 250 is a 10” (254mm) subwoofer that uses a 200-watt Class…

    • SubSeries 350 – 12″ Subwoofer


      Add deep, detailed bass to your movie and music experience. The SubSeries 350 is a powered subwoofer that delivers solid,…

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