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A low profile space-saving speaker for enhancing TV sound.

The Alpha VS21 is an all-in-one speaker that sits below your TV and acts as the main sound system from everything from streaming music in CD-quality to catching up on the latest episodes and movies. A three-way custom designed speaker system with six independently amplified internal drivers, the VS21 is built to enhance the limited output of your TV’s built-in speakers and deliver 100 watts of deep cinematic sound that brings the picture to life. Super simple to set up with a single audio cable, and a solid and secure surface to place your TV, PSB uses sophisticated digital processing to provide advanced cinema features like WideSurround™ which enhances the speaker’s sound profile with rich, three-dimensional acoustics.

  • A rich, powerful speaker built to bring TV sound to life
  • Three-way speaker design with six independently amplified drivers
  • Stream and listen to CD-quality music with aptX® Bluetooth




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Premium PSB Sound for the TV
Every PSB speaker is built using science and engineering perfected by the founder and legendary designer, Paul Barton, and the VS21 soundbase brings those years of acoustic knowledge and expertise to your TV for more dynamic sound. Built with six custom drivers independently powered by an advanced 100-watt Class D amplification system, the VS21 individually optimizes highs, mids, and lows to deliver every drop of detail with crystal-clear accuracy, all while using less than 10 watts of power.

Advanced processing for a cinematic experience
The Alpha VS21 is designed with PSB’s WideSurround™, a Dolby-certified sound mode that uses sophisticated audio processing to deliver rich, three-dimensional acoustics and place the listener right in the middle of the action with virtual surround sound. With WideSurround, you can also use Dialogue Mode and enhance the speech clarity of movies and TV shows while still enjoying every other sound effect to the fullest. If things get too loud, select Late Night mode which reduces loud sounds and brings soft sounds up where they can be heard more easily when the volume is turned down low at night.

Higher fidelity for music, movies and games.
Using aptX Bluetooth for a CD-quality stream, the Alpha VS21 lets you listen to music from any Bluetooth enabled device and hear your favourite streaming services and playlists with the full-range sound of PSB. Program the speaker to work with your existing TV or universal remote and control your entire entertainment experience–movies, music and more–from a single IR remote control. This gives you full control of the speaker, letting you adjust everything from volume to selecting different sound modes from the comfort of your couch.

Solid and secure with endless connectivity
It might be a TV speaker but this PSB-engineered soundbase is designed just like our most expensive stereo speaker and lets you connect virtually anything with a digital or analogue connection. Constructed of a heavily braced MDF cabinet with a high-quality woodgrain finish, the Alpha VS21 and its low profile design blends perfectly with furniture and disappears under your TV. Its rock solid construction is why it can hold up to 90 lbs, making installation worry-free when setting your HD TV atop the speaker and making a super simple one-wire connection.

  • A rich, powerful speaker built to bring TV sound to life
  • Three-way speaker design with six independently amplified drivers
  • Sleek low-profile cabinet with a discreet black ash finish
  • Sets up quickly with a single wire and pairs with any IR remote
  • Stream and listen to CD-quality music with aptX® Bluetooth
  • Different sound modes for virtual surround, enhanced dialogue, and late night
  • Securely supports any HD TV with its own stand and weighs less than 90 lbs




Frequency Response

On Axis @ 0°±3dB


LF Cutoff -10dB


Amplifier Power


6 x 17 Watts

Acoustic Design

Tweeter (Nominal)

2 x 1” (25mm) Textile Cone

Midrange (Nominal)

2 x 2” (50mm) Treated Paper Cone / Rubber Surround

Woofer (Nominal)

2 x 4” (102mm) Rubber Surround


260Hz, 3kHz, LR4

Design Type

Bass Reflex
Twin Rear Slot Ports

Dimensions / Weights / Finish

Size (W x H x D)

24 1/16 x 7 1/4 x 15 1/8”*
(625 x 182 x 384mm)


Net – 24lb (11kg)/each
Shipping – 29lb (13kg)/each


Black Ash


* Non-metric measurements are approximate.
All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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