SubSeries 250 Subwoofer



Feel every sound come roaring to life.

The SubSeries 250 is a 10” (254mm) subwoofer that uses a 200 watt Class D amplifier with built-in DSP to add a powerful punch to your stereo or home theatre system. Designed with a high-output polypropylene woofer and smart bass limiting circuitry that prevents the sub from being overdriven, the SubSeries 250 can deliver high-powered bass with stunning accuracy at room-shaking levels all the way down to 20Hz. Thanks to its discrete compact design and low-pass crossover, the SubSeries 250 can easily be integrated with existing speaker systems and blend seamlessly into any room.





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Audiophile-quality sound with zero compromise
The SubSeries 250 is crafted using the highest quality components, custom-tooled mechanics, and state-of-the-art driver technologies. PSB’s careful engineering and precision manufacturing results in a subwoofer that is capable of 200 watts of continuous power and dynamic peaks of 300 watts. The SubSeries 250 was built to meet the needs of even the most discerning audiophile.

More powerful bass with less energy
Designed in collaboration with sister company NAD Electronics, the SubSeries 250 uses a custom-designed, high-current 200 watt MOSFET amplifier. This highly-efficient and powerful Class D discrete MOSFET amplifier uses less energy to produce more power while reducing standby power to an industry low and its smart bass limiting circuitry prevents the woofer and amplifier from being overdriven with any input level.

A natural fit for any space
Placement throughout the home is easy thanks to its compact design, housed in a timeless, furniture-like cabinet. With rear-mounted volume, crossover and phase controls, this subwoofer is extremely versatile and can easily be integrated into your existing setup. Experience the power and intensity of a world-class subwoofer, all from a compact cabinet with a 10″ (254mm) woofer. The SubSeries 250 is small enough to tuck away in any room but big enough to blow you away with sharp, articulate and forceful bass.

  • Active front-firing 10” (254mm) polypropylene woofer
  • Built with a custom 200 watt Class D amplifier from NAD Electronics
  • Rear panel volume, crossover, and variable 180° phase controls
  • Line level, LFE inputs/outputs and gold-plated binding posts
  • Beautiful soft-edged cabinet with a high-gloss black finish
  • Ultra-low, energy-saving <0.5W standby power consumption





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Frequency Response

On Axis @ 0° ±3dB


LF Cutoff -10dB


Amplifier Power


200 Watts

Dynamic, Peak

300 Watts

Acoustic Design

Woofer (Nominal)

10” (254mm) Polypropylene Cone
Rubber Surround
1 1/2” (38mm) Voice Coil
35oz (990g) Magnet


Variable 50-350Hz, LR4
Low Pass Filter

Design Type


Dimensions / Weights / Finish

Size (W x H x D)

13 5/8 x 14 3/4 x 14 3/8” *
(345 x 375 x 365mm)


Net – 35.4lb (16kg)/each
Shipping – 42lb (18kg)/each


High Gloss Black


Volume Control
Variable Crossover Control
Variable Phase Control
Auto on/off
LFE input
<0.5W Standby Power


* Non-metric measurements are approximate.
All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Data Sheet (PDF)

Owners Manual (PDF)

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