Synchrony One C

This product has been discontinued.


PSB created theSynchrony family of speakersto be definitive music reproducers, both in stereo and in multi-channel playback, which makes them dazzlinghome-theaterperformers as well. Consequently, the family includes a center channel model engineered from the ground up to maximize its performance in multi-channel systems. The Synchrony One C is a large three-way design using the same drivers as theSynchrony One Tower Speakerin a dual-woofer, horizontal layout, and delivering virtually identical timbral and dynamic response with impressive bass extension (40 Hz) that encourages the “large” center-channel setting many designers prefer in serious-listening multi-channel systems.

“The Synchrony One C centerspeakerproduced a perfect tonal match to the towers, with voices sounding identical in timbre to the same played monaurally via the towers.” Dan Kumin,Sound & Vision, November 2007

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