PSB Introduces Trio of Custom Sound Speaker Solutions

CEDIA Expo Dallas, TX September 13, 2016 – PSB Speakers, long renowned for affordable excellence in loudspeaker design, introduced three new CustomSound in-ceiling speakers designed for best-in-class sound, flexibility and ease of installation to fit a wide array of applications. The CS 650 ($349 ea) CS 630 ($299 ea) and CS 610 ($249 ea) all offer high performance, 6 ½” two-way designs with unique features and premium construction throughout.

CS 650 is a premium 2-Way In-Ceiling speaker system with 6 ½” woofer, carbon-filled polypropylene cone with injection-molded basket and high power distortion canceling magnet technology. The CS 650 offers higher sensitivity and lower distortion at high playback levels than comparable in-ceiling speakers. The 1” Titanium dome tweeter is the same driver used in the $8,000 Imagine T3, and features a neodymium magnet, Ferrofluid cooling, and for this application a Wave Guide which is rotatable and aimable for pinpoint imaging. Tweeter and woofer level switches help tailor the frequency response to the environment and/or the listener’s preferences.

CS 630 is a single-point 6 ½” stereo/surround In-Ceiling speaker system designed to handle both stereo channels in one speaker or for home theater surround sound duties. CS 630 utilizes a dual-voice coil woofer for Stereo or Bi-pole configurations. Two .” aluminum dome tweeters with wave guides are employed with rotatable tweeter adjustment.

CS 610 is a value-priced, two-way, 6 ½” In-Ceiling speaker system with a .” aluminum dome tweeter with wave guide. The tweeter is rotatable and aimable to focus the sound and has a tweeter level to tailor its high frequency switch to tailor the sound to the environment and/or the listener’s preferences.

In keeping with PSB’s long tradition of high performance, all models feature 6 ½” woofers with carbon-filled polypropylene cones with rigid injection–molded baskets. All include both round and square frameless magnetic grilles to meet a range of design criteria and applications. For secure installation and removal, the CS models feature high-strength Delrin “dog legs” with gold-plated spring-loaded binging posts for secure, lasting signal connections. Preconstruction brackets and backboxes are available. Outer and cutout dimensions are same for all three models.

Coaxing this high level of performance from a custom speaker with narrow depth is an engineering feat, however 40 years of experience along with a deep working knowledge of acoustics gives PSB Speakers a clear advantage. Like all PSB Speakers, final voicing is performed by Paul Barton at Canada’s famed National Research Council. PSB’s research has revealed how listener preferences can be integrated into a wide range of speaker designs for many different applications, yet all featuring consistent sound quality that is natural and lifelike.

“Properly designing an in-ceiling speaker, like these three CustomSound models, requires a thorough understanding of acoustics to get sound that is true-to-nature,” explained Paul Barton, Founder and Chief Designer of PSB Speakers. “PSB has perfected the tools required to get the optimal result for every loudspeaker application, even at modest price points. The CustomSound speakers are voiced to perfectly integrate with other PSB models of In-Room, On-Wall and subwoofers.”

Key Features of the PSB CustomSound models:

• 6 ½” woofers with carbon-filled polypropylene cones with injection–molded baskets.

• Dual voice-coil woofer for Stereo, Bipole or Di-pole configuration (CS 630)

• 1” Titanium dome tweeters with wave guide. Indexed Rotatable/aimable tweeter (CS 650)

• Dual ¾ .” tweeters aluminum dome tweeters with wave guide and rotatable tweeter adjustment (CS 630)

• ¾.” aluminum dome tweeter with wave guide. Rotatable/ aimable tweeter (CS 610)

• All three models come with both round and square magnetic, frameless grilles for seamless choice of ceiling applications

• Preconstruction brackets and backboxes are available. Outer and cutout dimensions are same for all three models.

PSB will be exhibiting at CEDIA Expo 2017 in Booth 5716, September 15-17, at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. PSB personnel will be on hand to answer questions about the new CS models as well as other PSB models. Sister brands NAD and Bluesound will also be featured in the same exhibit.


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Founded in 1972, by renowned speaker designer Paul Barton, PSB is a leading global speaker brand, now celebrating more than 40 years. Currently sold in more than 70 countries around the world, for music or movie listening, the company has set the standard for highperformance, high-value speakers. PSB products are distributed in U.S. by Lenbrook America.

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