PSB Speakers Get 5 Awards

This is the big one – The Perfect Vision’s annual roundup of every product they recommend in every category and at every price level. From loudspeakers to video projectors to HDTV sets to DVD players to A/V receivers to everything in-between, their Editors’ Choice Awards recognize the best-performing and highest-value components in home theater – the crème de la crème. How did PSB do you might ask? Well The editors at The Perfect Vision deemed it necessary to give us FIVE Awards in five different categories. There was barely any room for other manufactures. Have a look and see what products were given this great yearly honor

PSB Image T55 Tower Home Theater System Editors’ Choice in – Loudspeaker Systems
$1500 – $3000

PSB Image T55 Tower Home Theater System $2796

Defined by its fine overall balance with special kudos for the excellent center channel and SubSeries 6i subwoofer, the PSB T55 Tower once again hits the “V” spot – for value, that is. In stereo or multichannel the T55 dances with toe-tapping energy and dynamics…. If you can’t get enthused with the T55, you might consider checking your pulse.
Reviewed by NG, issue 59

PSB Platinum M2 Home Theater SystemEditors’ Choice in – Loudspeaker Systems
$6000 – $15000

PSB Platinum M2 Home Theater System $8396

It’s hard to think of how $8K could be better spent in pursuit of the multichannel experience. The aluminum-sheathed Platinum M2 Monitor L/Rs, Platinum C2 Center, and Platinum S2 Surroundsaren’t ruffled by any multichannel source, reproducing the weight, majesty, and complexity of music and soundtracks in stereo or 5.1. The entire system blends seamlessly with the SubSeries 10 subwoofer.
Reviewed by NG, issue 52

PSB CW180R In-Wall LoudspeakerEditors’ Choice in – In-Wall Loudspeakers

PSB CW180R In-Wall Loudspeaker $599 each

The open mids and highs and dual-level controls are the prime attributes of PSB’s coaxial in-wall. The pivoting SonicGuide feature (a constant directivity wave-guide) makes the PSB ideal for both on-wall and in-ceiling mounting. Horizontal dispersion could use some improvement, GA found,. And while bass response was better than average, the system still requires a sub for the deepest extension. Naturally PSB offers in-wall subwoofer solutions as well.
Reviewed by GA, issue 62

PSB SubSeries 5i SubwooferEditors’ Choice in – Subwoofers $350-$700

PSB SubSeries 5i Subwoofer $499

At this point no one should be surprised by what this Canadian speaker company can do in the lower-price range. Even so, the performance of this econo-sub is semi-unbelievable. Extension, dynamic slam, and good musicality from this 10” bass-reflex design make it the perfect match for misers with the Midas touch.
Reviewed by NG, issue 48

PSB SubSeries 10 SubwooferEditors’ Choice in – Subwoofers $1500-$3000

PSB SubSeries 10 Subwoofer $2499

The dual-10”-driver design of this overbuilt 500W power-house hasn’t met a bass note above 20Hz it can’t handle – with either muscle or finesse. Musical on a grand scale with awesome dynamic punch. There’s no going back to an everyday sub after this PSB. And at 110 pounds, who’s going to move it?
Reviewed by NG, issue 52