PSB SubSeries 450 Keeps the Ground Rumbling in AVS Forum Review

Subseries 450 Subwoofer

In AVS Forum’s review of the PSB SubSeries 450, writer Mark Henninger stresses the importance of a subwoofer in a home theater setup. “Subs are a critical part of any home-theater sound system, and they provide a fantastic tool for getting the most out of a stereo,” says Henninger. A self-described “bass addict,” Henninger has dealt with various subs over the years and knows what to listen for. “When properly integrated, a great subwoofer will complement a speaker system rather than overpowering it.” Speaking on the performance of the SubSeries 450, Henninger says the sub gets the job done and then some. “If you seek a sub that looks good, fits into your décor, transforms your stereo or surround speakers into a true full-range system that can hit 20 Hz with authority, and disappears as it does its job, then consider the SubSeries 450.”

Using the subwoofer in a 2.1 configuration with PSB’s Imagine T3 tower speakers, Henninger was struck by how precise and nimble the subwoofer proved to be. “Even when pushing the excursion limits of the driver, the SubSeries 450 remained composed and generated a pure, clean tone.” Listening to Datsik’s 2016 EP Darkstar, Henninger says that tracks such as “Get Back” reveal “that the sub has what it takes to handle the genre’s meticulously crafted warbling bass lines.” All in all, Henninger was happy with how the SubSeries 450 performed, and found it could handle any music he threw its way.

“Long story short, from 20 Hz on up, this sub is clean and musical.” A true PSB flagship design, the SubSeries 450 is crafted using the highest quality components, custom-tooled mechanics, and innovative driver technologies. The sub’s use of digital signal processing (DSP) allows PSB’s engineering team to maximize all aspects of performance; the flattest frequency response, as well as a powerful bass extension, all thanks to an advanced DSP crossover.

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