Stereophile Review Imagine T3 Tower

PSB Imagine T3 Walnut on a beach

In the August issue of Stereophile, writer John Atkinson gives an in-depth review of PSB’s Imagine T3 Tower Speaker. Sprawling out over the course of five pages, Atkinson highlights the many impressive qualities of the Imagine T3. “But reproduced by the Imagine T3s, all five voices sounded so clean, so much in service to the music, that I could forget the recording’s provenance and become immersed in the immaculate recording’s performance,” says Atkinson when detailing his experience of listening to “I’ll See You Again”, from the King’s Singers’ 1977 album The King’s Singers Sing Flanders & Swann and Noël Coward.

Further into the review, Atkinson gives readers a truly intimate look at an experience that occurred back in April. Already in the midst of playing various tracks on the Imagine T3, Atkinson suddenly learned of Prince’s death. Jilted by the news, there was only one thing left for Atkins to do. “I heard the news that Prince had been found dead. I was struck uncharacteristically silent. I set the title track of Purple Rain on repeat and let the music wash over me,” says Atkinson.

“You just have to hear one phrase to know that it is Prince playing the electric guitar. That is the sign of greatness, and that day in April, my PSB-based system allowed Prince’s greatness to shine through, unencumbered by artefact.”

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