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Starting deep inside Canada’s national acoustic research facility, the PSB engineering team places particular emphasis on the overall musicality of our award-winning subwoofers to add that all-important bass to your home entertainment. Every design delivers legendary sound, and by carefully placing the bass system and low frequencies into its own enclosure, we can specifically tailor the sound so you feel more of every moment.

The Alpha S8 subwoofer.
The Alpha S10 subwoofer.


The Alpha S8 will take your stereo or home theater system to the next level. Featuring a specialized 8” woofer with textured polypropylene, powered by a built-in 150-watt digital amplifier, the Alpha S8 utilizes advanced DSP technology to deliver deep bass down to 20Hz with the perfect frequency response.

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Bring the cinema home with the Alpha S10. Designed with a built-in Class D amplifier, 10” woofer, and PSB’s patent Bass Reflex design, this powered subwoofer pumps out tight, authentic bass with the highest level of detail and musicality. Carefully engineered to minimize distortion and deliver the purest sound, the Alpha S10 will enhance speaker systems of any size.

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Today’s music, movies, and games are packed with heart-pounding bass and ground-shaking explosions which make subwoofers a must-have in creating the ultimate home audio experience. With a wide range of options in all different sizes, PSB subwoofers deliver unforgettable cinematic experiences and let you enjoy your favourite entertainment with deep and detailed bass.


The SubSeries 250 lets you add a powerful punch to your 2.1 stereo or surround sound system. Featuring a custom 10” subwoofer and 200-watt Class D amplifier in a sleek design, this compact subwoofer delivers powerful bass without distortion. The SubSeries 250 also includes built-in rear panel controls that can be easily adjusted for seamless system integration.

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Experience thunderous bass at home with the SubSeries 350. With a powerful 12” front-firing woofer and an all-digital amplifier, this subwoofer delivers deep, clean bass to create theatre-like sound tailored for your music, movies, and games. Its relatively compact size and beautiful gloss design with soft curves makes it easy to place anywhere in the room.

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The SubSeries 450 is PSB’s flagship subwoofer, with the highest level of bass performance to date. Using an advanced Class D amplifier with built-in DSP technology, this 12” subwoofer can deliver the intensity of soundtracks with 400-watts of deep, detailed bass down to 20Hz with ultra-low distortion.

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The Subseries 250 subwoofer.
The Subseries 350 subwoofer.
The Subseries 450 subwoofer.

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