Your Sound,
Your Way

Personalize your new pair of PSB headphones so they sound just right, for you. With the PSB Headphones app you can now create a unique sound profile to fit the shape, size, and frequency responses of your ears. Experience the most natural and realistic audio through your customized sound profile. Simply download the app to get started.

A Sound that is Uniquely Yours

No two people hear the same way. In fact, your right ear even hears something different from your left. Your unique neurological patterns affect the way sound is perceived from your ears to your brain. The PSB Headphone app allows Audiodo to assess your hearing abilities and compares it to how Paul Barton tuned the headphones, applying compensation where needed so you can hear the signature, true-to-nature sound quality of your M4U8 MKIIs.

Easily Connect

After downloading the PSB Headphones app to your phone or tablet, open the app to successfully pair, connect, and control your headphones.

Audiodo Personal Sound.

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Screenshot of the app connecting to headphones.

Create a Sound Profile

Through a series of quick guided tests, Audiodo’s breakthrough Personal Sound technology will create a personalized sound profile just for you based on your unique hearing. The sound profiling function balances out anomalies in your sound perception and hearing abilities so you can enjoy the most true-to-nature, signature sound of PSB through your headphones.

Control the Noise

Be in control of how much outside noise you want to hear with the ability to fine tune your Transparency settings.

Preserve Power

Set your headphones to automatically enter standby mode after a certain amount of time when you’re not listening for increased battery efficiency. Keep track of your battery levels so you know when you are due for the next charge.

Screenshot of the settings page in the app.