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The PSB Headphones App gives you the flexibility and freedom to perfect your sound.

Designed by Audiophiles

Audiodo Personal Sound™ is a powerful audiology platform that uses complex algorithms to optimize the sound of your headphones.

The Audiodo app on iPhone shows app initial step

Create a Custom Preset

Take a quick and easy hearing assessment by responding to a series of test tones and let Audiodo™ determine your target hearing curve in just a few minutes.

Audiodo app on iPhone showing do you hear a tone installation step

Level out the Noise

Dial your Transparency levels up or down in the Noise Cancellation settings to adjust to your surroundings.

The Audiodo app on iPhone shows noise cancellation setup

Full Control

You're in control of the buttons and switches. Preserve power by setting a timer for your headphones to automatically enter standby mode after a certain amount of time. Keep track of your battery levels so you know when you are due for the next charge.

Create a Sound Profile

Through a series of quick guided tests, Audiodo’s breakthrough Personal Sound technology will create a personalized sound profile just for you based on your unique hearing. The sound profiling function balances out anomalies in your sound perception and hearing abilities so you can enjoy the most true-to-nature, signature sound of PSB through your headphones.

Hear the Difference

Listen to the M4U 8 MKII wireless headphones to experience Audiodo Personal Sound.

Here are three real-life examples of how Audiodo sound calibration benefits listeners.

Profile 1: John Philipsson, 51

This is John

John’s favorite sound is repetitive synthetic bass. He listens mostly to industrial and EBM, although he’ll occasionally throw some rock and metal in there to mix things up. As a teenager he played the drums and percussion.

Profile 2: Peter Fransson, 37

This is Peter

Peter loves all kinds of music, but if pressured he’ll narrow it down to 80s rock and prior-to-2000 metal. He has a weak spot for guitars in general and his Fender Telecaster in particular. As a 9-year-old he fell asleep during a Pink Floyd concert, something he still feels kind of bad about.

Profile 3: Linda Weinmer, 35

This is Linda

Linda loves to sit or stand close enough to watch the individual musicians play their instruments during concerts, especially the oboe. She can also be seen fake playing the drums in the background of a music video for the Swedish electropop artist Familjen.

Wireless Active Noise Cancelling HD Headphones

PSB’s award-winning wireless active noise cancelling headphones are reborn with custom calibration, enhanced battery life, and the latest noise cancelling technologies.