Custom Installation Solutions 

Our custom audio solutions seamlessly combine natural, non-fatiguing acoustics with elegant industrial design. From discreet architectural speakers to home theatre components and beyond, our suite of custom installation products brings forth unrivaled sound quality and meticulous craftsmanship.

Legendary Acoustics

At PSB Speakers, we pride ourselves on providing quality and value from our loudspeakers. We use carefully engineered components and technologies to achieve stunning ‘true to nature’ sound at an affordable price. Our systems are crafted by a team of acoustic experts under the direction of Paul Barton, Founder and Chief Acoustic Designer of PSB Speakers. Our speakers undergo rigorous acoustic testing and are carefully measured in anechoic chambers to align with our renowned 
True-to-Nature sound signature. 

Backed by decades of refinement and acoustic expertise, our speakers perform with unwavering sound quality and a stunning bass response that belies their size. 

Tuned to deliver stunning clarity, even at low volumes, PSB Speakers’ CustomSound speakers provide a natural sound that is rich, immersive and faithful to the original audio source.

Tuned to deliver stunning clarity, even at low volumes, PSB Speakers’ CustomSound speakers provide a natural sound that is rich, immersive and faithful to the original audio source.

A Complete Installed Solution

Our custom installation solutions brings spaces to life with legendary acoustics and discreet designs that are adaptable for virtually any application. 

Our in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers feature a flush-mounted configuration that blends into any surrounding, ensuring both auditory and visual excellence. 

Our architectural speakers come equipped with magnetic and paintable grilles to ensure sleek concealment for any type of listening room. Simple and foolproof mounting systems leverage heavy-duty doglegs to ensure that installation is easy and efficient.

Precision Engineering

Our range of custom install speakers follow key design principles to deliver premium sound for any application. 

Wide Dispersion

  • Excellent off-axis performance
  • Less variances in audio levels across the room
  • Save on costs by using less speakers with wider coverage

Wide Dynamic Range

  • Non-fatiguing, dynamic, detailed sound
  • Low volume intelligibility
  • Fidelity maintained across all output stages

Timbre Matching

  • Achieve consistent tonality across a whole home system
  • Our speakers are all timbre matched with the ‘True to Nature’ sound signature of all PSB speakers
  • Mix and match any PSB speaker to customize your configuration

Performance Driven

Our CustomSound and architectural speakers feature the same drivers and technologies trickled down from our flagship speaker lines. 

Tweeters & Woofers

Our tweeters and woofers are engineered to optimise the performance of each speaker for its specific price point and application, meaning that every speaker has the renowned, detailed, dynamic and non-fatiguing PSB signature sound. 

Waveguides & Crossovers

Our in-ceiling speaker range features waveguides and crossovers, carefully designed to widen the dispersion of our speakers, reducing “shower effect”. The result is the ability to create an even, room filling sound with no dead spots from fewer speakers.

Imaging & Soundstage

We include features like high and mid frequency trim adjustments, which allow installers to “dial in” the sound for the space, even when speaker positioning is a challenge, improving the imaging and soundstage.

Discover Our Products

Architectural Speakers 

From home theatres to whole home installations, our selection of flush mounted wall and ceiling speakers combine advanced technology with smart aesthetics to blend discreetly into any interior.

Outdoor Speakers

Don’t let the environment restrict your clients from enjoying music in hi-res. PSB’s Universal Outdoor loudspeakers are designed to withstand the elements while reproducing a stunning sound quality.

On-Wall Speakers 

Our high performance, wall mounted speakers combine installation flexibility with simple, elegant design and renowned ‘True to Nature’ acoustics.

Home Theatre Solutions

Discover our diverse array of speakers from bookshelf, towers, subwoofers, and beyond to create immersive surround sound in media rooms and home theatres.