Alpha Tower speaker in a home theatre setupAlpha Tower speaker in a home theatre setup

Behind the Alpha Series

In a small Canadian town in 1991, the Alpha Series was born out of a goal to create affordable speakers focused purely on performance. As a result of passion, dedication and decades of acoustic research, the Alphas quickly rose to recognition as one of the world's most iconic hi-fi bookshelf speakers.

An icon of affordable hi-fi

Over the years, each generation of the Alpha Series has continued to marry outstanding audio quality with affordability. The speakers have become iconic and continue to serve as reference benchmarks for entry-level hi-fi speakers, earning trust and admiration from audiophiles and experts alike. The PSB Alpha Series remains a symbol of value, quality, and passion for audio excellence in the global audiophile community.

Alpha bookself speakers with a Bluesound PowernodeAlpha bookself speakers with a Bluesound Powernode
Powered bookshelf speaker with a turntable Powered bookshelf speaker with a turntable

The legacy continues

The success of the first generation of the Alpha Series was followed by a second generation in 2000, and a third in 2018, all equally successful for the brand and solidifying its reputation as a high value hi-fi brand. Achieving cover-model status in Stereophile Magazine, a US specialist publication that was among the most prestigious in the world, it created a cult following for PSB Speakers that remains strong to this day.

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“PSB Alpha P5 speakers are a great choice. In fact, I liked these so much that for the first time since 2010 (when I reviewed the iconic Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin speaker for Wired), I purchased the review units after testing wrapped up.”

– Forbes (Brad Moon)

“Gear editor Mike Calore loves the PSB M4U 8. Like many headphones on this list, they aren’t the most stylin’ cans you can stuff on your ears, but they have a lovely balanced sound to them (they call it “RoomFeel”) and suitable active noise canceling.”

– WIRED (Jeffrey Van Camp)

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